Disaster Unemployment Benefits

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The federal government has opened up disaster unemployment benefits to people within the 20 parishes of Louisiana that were affected by the flood.  The Louisiana Workforce Commission announced August 16 that people who were out of work due to the flood can now apply for assistance for up to 26 weeks. The deadline for application is September 15 and approved applicants can receive up to $247 a week.

Workers may qualify if:

  • they were to begin work when the flood occurred
  • they are physically damaged as a direct result of the flood
  • their workplace was destroyed and they cannot resume work as a direct result of the flood
  • they prove their work they can no longer perform was their main source of income
  • they cannot qualify for unemployment benefits from any state
  • they have recently become the household supporter due to a death of the head of household as a direct result of the flood

Applicants must provide:

  • Social security number
  • Check stubs and more documentation of their employment when the flooding occurred

The application can be found on Louisiana’s Workforce Commission website under ReEmployment Services or by clicking on this direct link.

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